The In/Out Cat

My cat is an In Out cat.

Standing with her head against the door.

"Let me out", or I'll destroy your hat.

To "meow" and whine for hours more.

I'll lie in my pet cave and sulk!

Until you have opened the door.

"OK" I open the door so Tabs will skulk.

Quickly I dash to freedom, beyond what lore?

Did I spy another cat in my patch.

I do believe there is and a rascilly cat at that.

"Meow", I am scared, let me in, he might scratch.

Well as you seem in trouble; what a prat!

Welcome back Tabathina how was your trip?

"Scary, there's a huge cat gonna get me.

How about some lunch? Where's my catnip?

I found a ball instead, but I think I've damaged my knee.

"Meow" I want to go out, the Tom might have gone.

This is the last time I let you out.

I'll show him who's boss; Oh! good he's gone.

How to get back indoors, I think I'll pout.

Look a flower blowing in the breeze.

If I ate it, do you think she'd  let me in?

Sweet fragrance, better not make me sneeze.

"Meow" won't you please let me in?

I think I might just squeez through the open window.

Oh! I've eaten to many Gourmet snacks.

Too much junk in trunk below.

I need a treat but can't reach the packs.

"Meow" let me in or I'll die out here.

I'll jump the fence and be in the front.

"Meow" it's me, I've come home; I scratched my ear.

Someone's coming to the door; I'll be blunt.


"Meow" let me in, take pity on me!

"The poor cat, why don't you let her in"?

Oh! the In Out cat, she's In and Out all day believe me.

At last, my chance, whooosh! yes Tabatha gets in.


Just another In Out day for the In Out cat.


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To my household pet Tabathina, where would the dy go without you!!!

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Can you install a pet door?

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In/Out Cat:

Good point however, I have a very strong metal door and I think it is quite expensive to install a cat flap So I'm playing butler most of the day. Thanks for your time and your idea.