You’ve heard this shit before

You’ve seen this shit before

and no doubt

you’ll hear this shit again

you’ve seen this shit more times

than you can to remember

all the clever wordplay

and histrionics unworthy

It’s not anything new or different

It’s just the same old same old

and you’re caught up

in this rut wasting

while away the minutes

the motifs are becoming motifs

in and of themselves

Make fun of the Beats

try to be New York, so cool

imitate Bukowski

simulate the Jim Morrison wannabes

with their winded, gutless motions

and all the style of a frog

not the sleek slender lizard

You’ve seen this shit before

Dare I say you’re a trifle jaded

You’ve heard this shit before

a man shouting injustice

and whining about all the evils

unacknowledged in the world

until you just wanna puke

political correctness, Black Panthers,

feminists, feminazis,

political incorrectness

Burroughs on Nike commercials

You’ve seen that shit before

All the dancing fools

all the pretense at poetry

the failures of the moment

intense diatribes against war

You’ve heard that shit before

Best minds of my generation

destroyed by something or other

“Nevermore” quoth the raven

before I pegged the bird with a rock

knocking it down off its perch

trite meandering, false prophets

do it all, be it all

check in for any and all

proper soundbites of the day

It doesn’t get any better

but it’s all old hat

You’ve seen this shit before

You’ve heard this shit before

more times than you really

care to remember

and still more to come

as long as people like me

are roaming freely American streets



Author's Notes/Comments: 

circa 1993.  Included in my chapbook I'm Still a Mystery to You published by AlphaBeat Press in 1997.

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