Wonders come in an array of shapes and sizes…so many different kinds

You never know from day to day what wonders you might find.


A daughter walking with her mother

to her mom’s hand the daughter was clinging

when, suddenly she stopped, “Mom, listen!  I think this tree is singing.”


So they stopped to listen for a moment as the tree completed her song

and the mother began to smile when the daughter sang along.


The mother felt a wonder she didn’t know this day would bring

when her daughter turned to her and said,

“I never knew that trees could sing.”


Here the mother had a mild dilemma…

Should she solve this little mystery?

Should she tell her daughter there is a hidden bird singing in the tree?


Before she had the chance to speak

while to her mom’s hand she was still clinging

her daughter said, “Mom, over there…another tree is singing.”


Yes, wonders come in many shapes and sizes

You never know how they’ll unfurl…

Today’s wonder for the mother came in the shape of her little girl…


Who as they walked hand in hand together helped her mother see

when you stop to listen…


there is a song in every tree.

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May you be blessed to be amazed today

by a sunrise

or a rainbow…

or the singing of the birds…

to have at least one experience, 

one breathtaking moment


you can’t put into words

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Looking up at the sky this morning

as clouds and colors fill the air

I have to wonder…

am I looking up at heaven


or already standing there?

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