wild and free

Young love

Love things

Young love where you at? 

 You need to break free, spread your wings and fly away

 Young love where you at?

I can see you hurt

Tears on your eyes dripping down, they tell a sad story

Young love where you at?

 I can see your heart bleeding the pain that you feel, the emotion that evaded your space and never left

Young love where you at

I can feel you heartbeat fading away

Young love where you at

All this love turned too sour for ones thoughts to taste, believed all the lies they fed you, I can see your dreams slowly been taken away from you, your to scared to move from where you are, scared to lose it all, but what's there to lose? When you really gained nothing from all of this?

 Young love where you at?

 Just spread your wings and never look back, be free from all this drama, for better or worse just fly free just fly free

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a guy who likes writting so yah some things may not make sense to you here so don't be to harsh on me

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