Here’s a simple lesson I wish everyone could be taught:

When we say Black Lives Matter it doesn’t mean other lives do not!


Of course all lives matter…that point is undisputed

But that has never been the case in this country…despite being constituted.


So when we say Black Lives Matter this should be your first thought

It means that other lives have mattered more and Black lives…they have not.


When we see a person drowning we try to rescue them without thinking

We don’t look to save everyone in the water…only the one who’s sinking.


But for over 200 years we have been the ones pushing them under the water

holding them down…

or sitting on the shoreline…content to watch them drown.


So when you hear Black Lives Matter think of it as a synonym…

for people who are only asking for an equal chance to swim.


Think of it as a way for all people to achieve equality

So we can finally become 

the country we were constituted once to be..


So never again will any group be made to feel inferior or small

So after 200 years when we say all lives matter

It finally will mean all.