One look at this photo…I see I’m missing some hair

and if I’m not mistaken my eyelids have slid

although it’s really quite difficult for me to know

because I don’t see as clearly as at one time I did.


My hearing is going, which I don’t understand

and I ask this with as much confusion as vigor…

How am I able to hear less now that I’m older

when my ears have gotten bigger and bigger?


And don’t get me started about my memory

for hardly does there come a day…

When…wait!…there…it happened again

I forgot what I was going to say…


But when I put the photo down and walk through my house

my misery quickly comes to and end

For wherever I look I see reminders and remnants

of a life filled with family and friends…


Reminding me as I get older

Something I long ago ascertained…

Not to concentrate on the things that I’ve lost

but instead…


on the things that I’ve gained.

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