Valentine’s Day

Kissed on Valentine’s Day! [Short Story]

You kissed Elina tightly on Valentine’s Day! She shrank just like the touch-me-not! Feeling so shy, she covered her face with her orna or gauze scarf. You embraced her so passionately from behind. Her lips were trembling like the leaves! She did not move even an inch. Elina found heaven in your arms! You kissed on her ear and whispered,


- I love you more than you can ever imagine!


- I love you too, she said in a low, sweet voice.

You wished for the time to stop right then and there! You wanted to love her endlessly as if that was the last meeting between the two. She said,

- I need to go home now.

- Please stay for some more seconds, please, please, please, you pleaded like a child.

- No, the sun is about to set! Please try to understand, father returns home early; if he doesn’t see me there, he will be as ferocious as a lion, she said kissing your palms lovingly.

- Ok, but promise me that you will meet me tomorrow near the river, you said restlessly.

- I can’t promise, my love! It depends on the situation. If I get the opportunity, I’ll surely meet you.

- You said, please let me know over the phone, ok?

- Ok, goodbye now.

You kissed on Eina’s forehead and said, “Goodbye”. You saw her leaving. You stood there like the coconut tree next to you. She was looking back at you after every few seconds. She was smiling sometimes. You were smiling too, but in pain, because this fleeting separation felt like an everlasting one to you. You noticed the red rose in Elina’s right hand. She was holding it so gently as if it was your ‘soul’.    

When Elina was about to disappear on the horizon, you waved your hand; she also waved back at you. Your eyes got teary. Before the onlookers saw you crying, you controlled yourself and headed towards home.

The next day, you did not get any phone call from Elina. You tried on and on for almost an hour but none received the call. You tried again but found the phone switched off! You decided to go to her home to know if everything was alright. You realised that her angry father was inside and you heard the noise of something breaking. You felt really bad because you knew that Elina’s father never preferred love-affairs.

Like a corona-patient, you felt suffocated. You felt like dying because you could not tolerate the slangs that Elina’s father was so aggressively using at her. You understood that the affair between you and her was not secret anymore. You panicked like the way Romeo did while he thought that Juliet was dead. You continued eavesdropping but could not gain the courage to go in. Thinking that the matters would be worse if you went inside Elina’s home at that very moment, you decided not to. You started sweating like a farmer a lot and left the place with a gloomy heart.

On the following day, you called Elina; her younger sister Joya picked the call up.

- Where’s Elina, you asked like a crazy person.

- She is not here. Please never try to get in touch with her. My father will kill you both, she said almost bursting into tears!

- You said like a beggar, can I talk to her only for a minute, please?

Joya hung up the phone. You started crying and rushed towards Elina’s home. Seeing you running like Kabir Singh in the Bollywood movie, your buddy, Ornob stopped you and said,

- It’s meaningless to go there now.

- You cried, Why?

- ‘Cause I’ve seen her being taken away by her parents somewhere afar, Ornob said holding your arms tightly.

You embraced Ornob and could not resist yourself from crying. You told yourself in your heart that they took her away but they could never steal the sweet memories about her from your mind. You would wait for Elina, who was purely your love, your life, your soul, your shadow until you bid this world ‘goodbye’!

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