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I must have nodded off again.  It happens after a good Happy Hour after work.  I get on the train to ride back to my suburban pad.  I manage to endure half the ride and then I find myself beginning to drift.  I’m supposed to get off at Croydon but somewhere between Torresdale and Eddington, I manage to pass off into golden slumbers.  I feel a hand on my shoulder, “Hey buddy, end of the line.”  The conductor wants me to get off the train so they can park it in the yard and go home.  Groggy and bleary eyed; liver saturated with Demon Alcools, I spy the platform of the Trenton Train Station.  I missed my stop and now I have to wait almost an hour to catch the train heading back in the other direction.  Trenton Train Station is the end of the line in more ways than one.  I grab a slice of pizza to bide my time. . .


Sleep in a real bed

Inevitably delayed

My eyes wide open


Author's Notes/Comments: 

based on a true story that has happened on more than one occasion.

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