The lone rose never asked for much

and never once complained…

She was happy when the sunlight reached her

and when her petals filled with rain.


She grew outside the young girls window

and always found a way

to stand a little straighter

when the young girl smiled her way.


Not once did the young girl forget her… 

for every day she chose

to open her window, smile, wave

and say, “Good Morning!” to her rose.


And they were happy with their relationship…

It made the girl and her rose glow…

until the change of seasons

and the fall winds began to blow..


Soon it would be winter

When her single rose would die

and so the young girl and the rose

prepared to say goodbye.


“What can I do for you?” The young girl asked

“since you’ve given so much to me?

The rose had but one request 

“Can you take me to the sea?”


“I’ve seen the sun, the moon the stars

I’ve seen the birds the trees and more…

but I would love once before I’m gone

if I could see the shore.”


And so they traveled to the shore

to where the ocean meets the sky…

and here they sat and watched the waves


and it was here they said goodbye.

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