Through the years of watching our children and grandchildren grow…they never left a doubt…as to those things that were important to them…and those things they never cared about.


They never cared if we were old or bald…or short or tall or fat.

They never cared about our physical flaws…(Boy, were we glad of that!)


They never cared if our house was small…or if the ceiling had a crack.

They never cared if the lawn was mowed…or that there was no grass in the back.


They never cared how much money we had…if we drove a Mercedes or Jaguar…

They never cared if there were scratches or dents…or parts missing from our car.


They only cared that we loved them…and that we somehow found a way

to show them that we loved them…each and every day.


They cared if we were honest and fair…that we were accepting, generous and kind

They cared that we nurtured their hearts, their souls…and helped to improve their minds……


They cared that we spent time with them…and the last time that I checked..

They cared if we treated them with tenderness…with humanity…and respect.


How blessed we’ve been to watch our children and grandchildren grow…

and of this we have no doubt:

They taught us more about life and how to live it…

by the things they never cared about.


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