When we are babies love is simple

It drifts down upon us from above.

It is where we first learn of comfort

of affection…

of tenderness…

and love.


As we grow a little older love becomes more complicated

It’s not as easy to read

It often surprises us

It can make us happy, 

It can make us blush…

or cry 

or bleed.


Love can make us angry

at times it can make us forget

It can be confusing 

and bewildering

as we grow older yet.


But there comes a time

if we are lucky

when we cherish love…as art

a time when we can sit in silence

an read another person’s heart.


When we marvel at the distances

In life that love has brought us…

and we smile at the lessons 

along the way that she has taught us.


We come full circle to a time when love again is simple

when it drifts down upon us from above

Where it’s up to us to share 

the comfort

the affection

and the tenderness…


of love.

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