On my walk this morning I felt particularly blessed when, after hearing, chirping from the tree above me, I watched two birds leave their nest.


I saw the two little birds look back to their mom and dad…then look up at the sky…and I’m sure I saw pride on the faces of their parents..as they watched their babies fly.


I don’t know how birds think…but I think I could have guessed…they were wondering what to do now as they stared at their empty nest.


If I could talk bird I would tell them…don’t worry, don’t fret…don’t cry…for I had the same feeling when I watched our children fly.


I would tell them all parents wonder if our children have learned the lessons we have taught…how today you think your nest is empty…but tomorrow you’ll realize…it is not.


Because there’s something every parent knows…every parent understands…that no matter how high our children fly…eventually they have to land.


And wherever their wings have taken them…wherever they come to rest…they will visit us with questions as they begin to build their nests.


Yes, if I could talk bird here are two more things I’d say…that though their children have left the nest…they have not flown away.


I wold tell them to get ready for all the excitement…

all the adventures they have in store…

I would tell them their nest is far from empty…

it’s just grown much larger than before.


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