I like to think of family by visualizing a boat

with one family all together as on the sea they float.


Every family’s boat is different in size and shape and form

It’s a place where we learn of love and happiness 

and find safety from the storms.


As babies….under motor or with its sails unfurled

this boat is all we know…this boat is our whole world.


As we grow a little older we can see while we’re afloat

there are many other ships upon the water…

that we are not the only boat.


We make friends with other boaters…

friendships our parents happily promote.

knowing everyone at the end of the day

returns to the safety of their own boat.


But as we grow still older…as we move from year to year

we take on more boating responsibilities…

and sometimes we even get to steer.


Until the day we’re given our own boat

and with a mix of sadness, hope and glee

We thank our parents as we set sail

alone…upon the sea.


Then sometime while we’re sailing

we never know where or when

we have our own family on our ship

and the cycle begins again…


And we are happy sailing this way

because we know where our parents boat is moored…

and we know they are always willing

to welcome us aboard.



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