Teaching Reading and Writing

Teaching Reading and Writing

Name: Md. Ziaul Haque

Country: Bangladesh

Grade (Age): G15 (Ages 20-25)

Class Size: Medium Class



The types of activities I use to teach reading and writing are:

Reading the Textbook and Writing Creatively: Since my students are at the B.A Hon’s level, therefore, it is quite obvious that they do not have any difficulty in reading. However, I give them 30 minutes to read a chapter or some particular pages. Later on, I want them to answer certain questions critically and creatively.

Reading Aloud from the Textbook and Explaining Critically: I tell the students one by one to read particular sentences from the book. Then I ask them to explain the writer’s thoughts in this regard and their own interpretations.

Fill in the Blanks: I give them some interesting and creative ‘fill in the blanks’ questions. They need to answer those questions after reading from the book.

Writing a Story, a Chapter of a Novel, a Short Poem Etc.: When I conduct a class on fiction, poetry etc., I give the pupils and assignment to pen a short story, a chapter of a novel, a short poem etc. Since I provide them with all the required information prior to the class including the definition or characteristics of novel, poetry and so on, they try harder and can produce creative writing ultimately. 

Reading and Writing as a Group: I want the learners to read a suspense novel and write one. But, the condition is that the students will write one chapter each. For instance, if there are 25 students in a batch, then, they are supposed to write 25 chapters in total.

Reading Mother Nature and Writing about Her: Sometimes, we go on a picnic together near a forest or a sea. Before the occasion, I instruct the pupils to closely observe Mother Nature while being there. After coming back, they are supposed to submit an assignment to me by writing about the wonderful [or if pathetic] experiences that they have had during the picnic. This sort of writing may be in the form of a report, travelogue, diary and the like.

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