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The future challenges

I've lived in four states, rarely, have I owned a car

My two feet took me almost everywhere

negative forty&windy or one hundred degrees with one hundred percent humidity

never mattered to me.

I've lived in the small town working class. If you wanted something, you bust your ass

I've also lived around, the rich zombie crowd, if you didn't make one hundred grand a year, they treated you like what are you doing here?

Ah yes, my home state, all walks of life, crammed together, experiencing true four seasons of weather.

Florida and Maine really only had two true seasons, I left both states for different reasons. It seems like every community has never had room for me.

I've worked ten plus hour days more than I care to count

I've been way ahead in every aspect other times

I've also been down an out on my luck begging for a couch to crash on.

Life at different points have gone from going perfectly right

then the one eighty I couldn't tell who was foe or friend

even writing wasn't helping those wounds mend.

I've been in many relationships, some were inevitable sinking ships

others were like I was finally dating a best friend eventually every one came to an end

I'm the common denominator in this story but doesn't it take two to be a team? Working together no matter what life throws at you?

Life itself is a journey, I signed a contract and I intend to do what I agreed upon

I'll honor it, I'm responsible for molding another human being

while trying to piece together this rubble I was left in.

There's so much on my plate, where do I begin?

What steps do I need to take to be something of a role model more importantly a father of some quality where he'll be proud to be my offspring. Hopefully we'll discuss most things, I accept this challenge of being Joshua's father / daddy.

I've survived all these years shedding puddles of tears, pints of blood and pounds of sweat,

life is definitely heavy hitter, I'm not a quitter

give me your best shot, I'll give you all I got

let's see what the future holds, Bonnie, I know you genuinely love me, this year, together lets see what unfolds

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Breathe Again

The rhythm of life, a cycle to live by;

a daily routine....

Challenges, obstacles, and struggles

become our focus, we lose track of

time even our place, our mind

wonders in a space we create;

we accustom ourselves to automatic

pilot breathing losing the practice to

simply take a deep breath, exhale,

and breathe again-

Relieve all stress, control your mind,

meditate, and learn to stop, let time

stand still and breathe-

I was an impatient man, my wants

were now never later; now never

came, and later took forever....

On a Black Sunday my grandmother

died, and my daughter was born;

she was full of color, hope, joy, and

reassurane; I knew then better days

were ahead....

I smiled, I cried tears of happiness;

I held her close to my heart, took a

deep breath, exhaled, and breathe

again....patience settled; I now wait,

if things are meant to be it will be!

day by day we must learn to breathe


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Stop take a deep breath, exhale, and breathe again....

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