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Follow the Birdsong (repost, edit)


Somewhere a bird stumbles 

out of its

fragile night,

wet with promise,

stunned by life


and one day it will

sing the daydream-colored

song it learned in heaven,


something about

unquestioning love

and creation: 


so much glitter,

diamond waves,


weightless on the

tips of reborn oaks 

as if green needed 

more melodies,


and I chase the starry flutes,

rise and fall with 

miraculous wings


and step out of 

ideas such as limits

and moments with

a beginning and end. 


So easy.


One thin shell between fear

and understanding.

An infinity right now and for

now, nothing hidden.


With that hawk rewriting

a simple sky and a crowd

of music all over 

free-flowing blue,


I stumble out of my fragile night

and remember a song

of creation.



Patricia Joan Jones 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

First published in Chitro Magazine Issue 1: Birth 

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