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Our beliefs could be different

Our beliefs are completely different

Let's leave it at that

I'd much rather stick up for myself 

you'd much rather be a doormat

This isn't necessarily a dig at any millennial kid

Eventually we must learn an affective form of self defense

At some point we all face a bully, don't be stupid

Very possibly a heated argument will turn into an altercation

Some things we simply can't talk our way out of 

Find a healthy release for your frustration

Put on the pads, don't the gloves

Call this creative writing or even poetry

Like I've said many times before

to me this is discounted therapy

Whatever you call it, doesn't matter to me

Being skilled at self defense and encouraged

to release in your chosen form of self expression

Are healthy for to release feelings of aggression

However, if you politely disagree

It could just be

Our beliefs are completely different

Let's leave it at that



People think they know

Reality by what they see 

Open only to their left-brain, but

People don't see me

Holding onto their mundane

Energy is all that will ever be

Time cannot be proven, but you still percieve

Internalize my essence and then you will receive

Choose to know my presence and this becomes belief



Author's Notes/Comments: 

All have their own intuitive abilities, not all are meant to know this, and not all are meant to experience them. Each one is capable of harnessing and powering their intuition to develop in the mundane world. But, what you choose to believe, is yours alone.