There are many tragedies in George Floyd’s death

They are interconnected…intertwined…

From the brutal way that he was murdered

to the daughter he left behind.


The daughter he would carry on his back

Where, perched on his shoulders way up high

She would stretch her arms out wide

and feel like an airplane in the sky.


The tragedy that makes us sad

that makes us frustrated…makes us mad

Is how 6 year old Gianna 

will now grow up without her dad.


Her family will, no doubt, be there to help her

and she’ll smile when she says his name

but growing up without him

her life will never be the same…


Because they never had the opportunity

to grow together or even say goodbye…

and he never had the chance 

to teach his daughter how to fly.


We need to change this now…today!

We must do more than try….

So Gianna’s children will have a father

who can teach them how to fly.