searching for God

Rocky Road

Step by step I take to see the skies,

Not understanding what my goal is,

Seeking, digging, searching for something more than all I have,

With pain I turn my head around,

Fearing, crying, sobbing to see myself where I once was,

Step by step I take in this deep fog,

It's better now, but the shadow of the past decides to follow,

Causing hell in mind and heart,

Who or what could help me now?

Step by step I take, to see a light,

Grabbing on to it for every second,

With hope that flames of hell will stop,

and an empty heart of mine one day will be enlightened,

but until that day, I deserve this suffer as a payment for my past.

Tomorrow will be better!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another one that I felt like writing...