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Hard Wired: Now I am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds


no longer


what remains is the shell 

of the egg that has fried


Operating without a locus of

control or a moral code;

no soul means inhuman acts 

of violence


Carry out the directive of evil

an extension of a system of 

insane hard wired chaos


Beyond the flesh,

into a world of absurd

existence where lines are blurred

and down is up to the one who goes

down the path of destruction 


Now the metal is the skin

now the wires are the veins

now the chip is the brain


There are no limits

for the one who is no longer alive 


Because nothing matters

to the one who no longer has the hope of salvation 


An agent of evil:

metallic nightmare

assured of damnation,

extending the unnatural ghoulish existence,

with cybernetic enhancements replacing

the old flesh with the new


"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds"









Transfer the consciousness 

into a new body


Retire the old




implant false memories






The soul belongs

to the metal 


Controlling the 

life after death


The Metal replaces

the flesh


The existence Is unaware

of what it is


Not realizing that it is dead


Simulating the program,

until the circuts fry


Prepare the unit for 







Reincarnated into a new



Forced into a purgatory 

of cybernetics 


Slave to

the AI



Synthetic Nightmare



and cloned again


There is no peace 


Wake up dead:

everyday you are a puppet

pulled by strings 


Your soul in bondage to 



Abducted in your dreams

and raped vicariously


Abuse of technology,

demise of insanity


Reality is fleeting,

start the process all over again,

reset, reconfigure the synaptic processes

for complete submission to the lies of this world


Science Fiction




the life of 



Recall the 

horror you




of another life


On another planet 


Astral project;

attacked by forms

of ghouls in dreams 


Exorcise the 

wraiths of hate


Conquer all forms

and shadows


See the light in the cave,



Into the Beyond



A drone under

mind control


Orders recieved

from the Cube


"Harvest as many souls

as possible. Assimilate and

dominate all life."


An organic 



Without the ability of

independent thought


A loyal slave 

in the homogeny


Like a bee it collects

the pollen


Doing the work

of inquity


The hive demanding

sacrifices and blood


For genetic experiments:

controlling the evolution 


leeching on to life,

siphoning off the creative energy


Stealing the ideas,

assimilating their minds









Science Fiction

Connected to the wires,

plugged in to the system 


Artificial blood keeps the flesh 

from rotting 


Life that has exceeded its expiration 

date: a soul without hope 


Unatural Dark Side,

cybernetic sythesis


The host is imprinted with new memories,

the Trauma is wiped away and the clock is reset


The organism continues to exist as a shell

no longer an individual 


A legion of horrors,

unleashed on the world


Without morality

without a soul 


A body under command,

a vessel of destruction 


To take mankind hostage 

and infect them with the virus


By collecting their souls into vats

and cloning their bodies 


Slowly humanity is replaced 

by another type of race 


Pulled by strings:

They have no choice but to serve


In Bondage to the wires,

hearing the voice of the Machine






False Gods

The Goa’uld



has spawned


the hosts are ready for 



Wrapping around the brain

suffocating the thoughts 


Birth of false demigods,

false religions pollute the earth


Pyramids and idols of delusion

burnt offerings of abominations


Invasion of body snatchers, 

low vibration




Fake relationships,

mirrored emotions


Endings of pleasure

in pain,


Thrown on the scrap

pile, ready to be recycled


Replaced by another,

made obsolete


No longer relevant, 

no longer functional 



The Way of the Future

Sex robots,

sex slaves,


Synthetic relationships,

deviance of nature


objects of pleasure,

but souls hide within


Inside the forms,

they feel the pain


That has been dealt

upon them by their creators