Science Fiction

Connected to the wires,

plugged in to the system 


Artificial blood keeps the flesh 

from rotting 


Life that has exceeded its expiration 

date: a soul without hope 


Unatural Dark Side,

cybernetic sythesis


The host is imprinted with new memories,

the Trauma is wiped away and the clock is reset


The organism continues to exist as a shell

no longer an individual 


A legion of horrors,

unleashed on the world


Without morality

without a soul 


A body under command,

a vessel of destruction 


To take mankind hostage 

and infect them with the virus


By collecting their souls into vats

and cloning their bodies 


Slowly humanity is replaced 

by another type of race 


Pulled by strings:

They have no choice but to serve


In Bondage to the wires,

hearing the voice of the Machine