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The Sleepy Snowman

Childrens Poetry


Once the children and dog had gone indoors;

The snowman was left all alone.

As the night drew it's deep black mantle.

Not sight or sound of anyone could be found.

No cloud in sight could be seen out doors.

Then came the twinkling starlight,; thrilling to the bone.

"There" said the snowman, "no need for a candle".

As he listens to the stars musical sound.

Up rose the moon bidding "good evening", to the snowman, looking across the moors.

"Good evening" replied snowman in an even tone.

Gosh! what awesome prattle!

Snowman, and where are you bound?

Oh! nowhere cried snowman; I'm feeling sleepy excuse the snoors.

Sleep on a night like tonight? Well Done!

"Yes" said snowman, it's been a hectic battle.

"Tired I suppose; throwing snowballs all day , with that hound". 

Author's Notes/Comments: 



Isn't it annoying when someone keeps you awake, even on a cold Winter's night.