Letting go of the reigns

letting go of the reigns



the day you were born i knew life would never be the same


and holding you i knew i would protect you from lifes game


you're my number 1 priority and its a job i take to heart


no one will ever hurt you for this world they will surely part


as you grew your need for me slowed but still i was always there


i kept my distance but was still quite near to step in cuz i care


and then it happened so darn fast you grew up right before my eyes


you went from a child so small to a grown up adult oh how time flies


now that your grown im no longer needed to protect you any more


but its integrated into my being and its hard to let go of the reigns


i've been there for you all your life and i know its not been in vain


this is how lifes supposed to be and someday you will understand


that when you to have a child of your own it's instinct and not planned


when its my time to go then and only then will i give up all that remains


when passing over to the other side olny then will i let go of the reigns




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this one i wrote for my children who are adults now they sure do grow up fast!!!


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