psycotic sounds: music not sickness

Greek/Custic Godess, Gods



Potechloi, and Penia

and Hedes and Persipone

were  underworld

is a place under people of the shaman cushtic tribes also live

they also say it is a place

where bad people live


Like bad people who wanted to 

save thir princess' and their

years of poverty and years of bad 

vegegations that were

not good: a whether that

was manipulated 

with the Native saying

that I saw you say

and now the Greek cushtic God and Godess are going somewhere else

knowing I may I done as destinial the

growth preordained yet did not arrive


A bible that was in a Cushtic, and Greek and now

In English with many languages and translations.


All the Greed Godess and Gods are they not seeing

them in Greek and else were how cheap they see their knowldge?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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