*Presents Under The Tree*

December.24.2000 @ 11:55am 
Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

Waking up on christmas day 
Seeing presents under the tree 
Thank you santa is what I say 
Bringing presents for you and me 
That is how you show your love that way


Smiles on peoples faces 
The shine in their eyes 
On christmas there is love in different places 
Seeing decorations up so high 


Presents under the tree 
They are brought with love 
It sends spirits free 
Knowing on the roof santa is above 


People buy gifts from the heart 
Giving and sharing 
Christmas is my favorite from the start 
Knowing they're people caring 


Presents under the tree 
Snow outside is falling 
Even people give presents to people who can't see 
Knowing the presents are calling 


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