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My Shield Maiden

I see through all the smoke

of the battles I fight

Alone for my soul day and night


Memories haunting me

Deep in my mind, they won’t leave

Things that I didn’t want to express

Hidden away like a dirty rag


Broken my thinking without a clue

Misplaced fears left from old

Released fears put aside


Run Run Run my mind cried

Survival was its only concern

It shouted over the lessons learned

The safe haven was already earned


Your pain I feel inside

Like a knife has severed ties

I cannot undo what I did

I can only ask forgiveness once again


My last demon I have to fight

Alone or with you by my side

This demon lies to me without concern


My shield maiden is what I require

to finish this deed and be free

I ask you to fight with me

For the love we both desire


My heart is true, my love is deep

If you will have it, my soul to keep


Stand with me, I promise to never leave

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a poem of a love gone terribly wrong due to haunting memories, lies and trauma. Will his love fight with him or move on after he left her? 

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Bleeding Scars

These old spooks are immortal

I have grown weak against them again

Here I am feeling unworthy

Here I am feeling like a burden


Please, let my heart be still

Let me exist no more

Exhausted from feeling like I am the problem

Broken from the old scars bleeding anew


I am nothing you wish for

I am unworthy of such love

Here I am dying in your arms

Here I am fading within


Let my heart be still

Let my tears stain the pillow no more

Spent from battling the dark waters

Sore from the restless nights


Listening to the old scars bleed

Watching the old ghost dance

I am hollowed of who I am

I am lost from the self again


Just let my heart be still

Let me exist no more......

Here I am alone


Here I am alone

Alone in my room

The dark black sky

I pull over my head

Here I am alone


Here I am alone

Alone in the crowd

Not one of them notices

My funeral shroud

Here I am alone


Here I am alone

Alone in the dark

Clutching a dead red rose

Whilst thorns pierce my skin

Here I am alone


Here I am alone

Alone in my head

Voices nefariously whisper

You’re better off dead

Here I am alone

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Work in progress