A simple end to a complicated story.

Oh love where are you hiding?

I need you so much right now..

The world is cold and cruel

i seek the warm edge of your knife against my heart 

A diabolical pain id rather suffer

than a thousand degrees of separation

The darkness calls

Cloaked in light drawing me in

like a moth to its flaming end

A trival matter forcing a grave persuit 

Is that all? 

The end never is much.

It is simply the end.

I close my heart

The beats die

Alone in consciousness i reside

It seems so dire 

I sit 


for the rest of me

to expire...




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Fuck you* I'm still here.

Liked it didn't you?


Had it all wrapped up in your bag


went off on your merry little way.


got lost and now you've found your way 


standing up straight on your own two feet


found a drum to pound to your own beat 


you're so much happier now


well good for you!


I wipe the sarcasm dripping off my chin


It seems you've forgotten

a little something? 

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