personal struggle

the blanket

Darkness called her away from her dreams

A familiar blanket of anguish it seemed

Out of nowhere and meaning naught

She took a breath and had a thought

Why have i been given this pain?

No rhyme or reason, nothing to gain

She can't just make it go away

From childhood memory to today

It means to drag her over coals

Despite efforts to be in control

It sweeps away all that is good

Leaving behind only falsehood

Phantom feelings that can't be denied

Fighting it hard even whilst she cried

Loud enough that everyone knows 

She's in a pit of emotional foes


Just time and the right medication

To bring her round to a better situation

There are no issues to be resolved

The illness is what has to be solved

Honesty is what it takes to stay well

Open discourse clear as a bell

That the struggle is beyond her ability

She's stuck with a feeling of futility 

So once again she has to admit

To her wellbeing she must committ

On her own she only suffers

Making an impact on all her others

She knows now to do the right thing

That in no time she'll be able to sing

Shredding the blanket of anguish

she will no longer languish


Author's Notes/Comments: 


i have wrangled this a few times.  

Can't quite get the flow right.


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