Deborah and I love to people watch whenever we get the chance

It’s amazing all the things you observe if you take the time to glance.


We see sadness and heartaches every time we turn on the evening news

But when you walk among the people you get a different view.


On the streets, at the airports, anywhere that we might be

As we watch the people around us we’re surprised at what we see.


If you take the time to really look, if you stop and rest a while

You’ll see love is all around you and its existence will beguile


From out of nowhere as you’re walking comes a wonderful surprise

You notice a couple smiling at one another and you see love within their eyes.


Then you begin to look around and as your field of vision expands

You see another couple arm in arm or simply holding hands.


You see families bunched together with the little ones in tow

And you realize that’s what you looked like a few short years ago.


You see people recognize each other… then hug and laugh and talk

And strangers smiling at strangers as you continue on your walk.

You see that person helping this one and this one helping that

And you wonder when people hug…does everybody pat?


If you take the time to stop and watch the people along your way

You’ll quickly realize that love stuff…happens every day.


I know there is trouble in the world. I know there’s suffering and pain

Perhaps I’m somewhat of an idealist…or perhaps I am insane.


But if you take the time to people watch…before your day is though


You’ll see more love than hatred…and you might enjoy the view.

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