As I was sitting in the waiting room about to get the results from a biopsy I recently had

I was thinking how quickly life can change…it can go from good to bad.


I was feeling a little sorry for myself…a self-imposed gloom and doom

until I realized my urologist and an orthopedist shared the same waiting room.


I immediately stopped thinking about myself…social distanced…sitting there

when a young woman walked in on prosthetic legs followed by an old woman in a wheel chair.


Next through the door was an old man who gave my senses a shock.

His legs were swollen and purple and he could barely walk.


From these people obviously far worse off than me I quickly was exhumed

as my name was called and I was taken into my doctor’s waiting room.


Where sometimes I sat, sometimes I stood…other times I’d pace the floor

wondering what news was waiting for me on the other side of that door.


I tried not to think about it…tried thinking about my wife and my family instead

but waiting for that door to open…a host of tragic thoughts entered my head.


I read my book, looked at the doctors credentials…thinking his parents must be proud

when I noticed the faucet leaking…and wondered why it had to drip so loud.


As I was studying the map of the urinary system thinking I could use some Vodka or Vermouth

the waiting room door opened…it was my moment of truth.


I took a deep breath as I watched my doctor’s face…looking for a sign

and to be honest I don’t remember anything…after he said the word benign.


As I opened the door back into the waiting room I noticed a young man sitting there

It was obvious he had Cerebral Palsy and was confined to his wheel chair.


And I noticed all the people in that waiting room…the one my doctor shared

had someone who helped them through the door…someone in their life who cared.


And I thought about my wife and family who when they hear the news

will be sharing in my joy…but would have also shared my blues….


And how any happiness we feel is more joyous and any pain is much less sore

when we have people who love us…waiting…on the other side of the door.


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