Ohio River

No Pain, Yes Gain

Positive Thought

No Pain, Yes Gain 

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When a bud becomes a fullblown rose,

or a blossom turns to fruit

or a candle other candles lights

or a mountain cataract merges

with bigger and bigger streams

until finally he becomes the mighty Mekong

there is no pain....

Neither do we need to suffer

when opening our doors

to God's light and love.

-saiom shriver-



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From The Snake's Back on Ugly River (Haikus)

Serpentine flourish

cradled by a toxic vein,

filled with brown water.


Boats like pathogens,

adrift in the murk, do stray;

but not far, for long.


I tolerate glare;

my observations suffer,

but I shan't despair,


though I am aware

of the leaks I have sustained.

I envy their hulls;


those stolid vessels.

They endure the waste, and shine

in spite of the grime.


However I must

accumulate so much bilge -

where are my rotors?


My anchor's chain rots,

the barnacles are roosting.

Sutures, all for not.