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Awaken, my dear

Awaken, my dear

By jfarrell




I must have moaned or cried out in my sleep. One moment I was being beaten up at school again, the next I’m awake in a pool of flames.


Abruptly followed by Karla’s foul breath trying to put them out. “So sorry, so sorry Master, I honestly thought you were being attacked.” She grinned at me slyly with a twinkle in her eye.


I gave myself time to take a few deep breaths, pat out my t-shirt and eyebrows. I followed a few strands of smoke rise above me, taking much of my t-shirt with them.






….. I sat down to write my world number 1 bestselling novel (even Stephen King likes it :) ). and got interruption after interruption after inter….


You get my drift.


As a start, what do you think, please?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Karla's my dragon - I'm kinda thinking James Stewart's 'Harvey' the invisible rabbit and I'd love to make it Terry Pratchett/ Tom Sharp funny :)

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