This morning a lonely moth fluttered at my window..

“What are you doing, moth?” I cried

As I wondered if she was attracted to the lamplight

or enticing me outside?


One of the reasons I love the mountains

Is that our windows are open night and day….

It’s like my ears have been unplugged

and I can hear what nature has to say.


Sometimes she talks…sometimes she sings…

a beautiful serenade…

Sometimes she seems like music

As a symphony is played.


The moth escorted me onto the porch

I followed her every flap…every flutter…every dart

Until we both found a comfortable spot to rest

For the music was about to start…


As we nestled into our separate seats…

(Does one moth and one person make a crowd?)

The full moon lit up the backdrop

of the mountains and the clouds


With the moon acting as a spotlight

as it shone down through the trees

We could hear the music softly rising

as it flew in on the breeze.


I was enchanted by the sounds…

I was enthralled by the melody

And amazed at how the different instruments in nature

could create such harmony…


And so we sat there listening

To natures early morning symphony…

In our seats upon the balcony…


one lonely moth…and me.

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You Can Hear The Flowers Sing

When you walk in silence in the morning...
you hear the wind whisper to the trees...
As the syncopation of the crickets
Floats upon the breeze.

Soon the nightingale, the blackbird,
the owl...and the chickadee
Begin to sing, as if rehearsed...
their morning melody.

Flowers hear the singing
and, to me at least, it seems
The music wakes them gently
From wherever flowers dream.

Perhaps that’s why throughout the year
and primarily in Spring...
If you listen to them closely
You can hear the flowers sing.


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