It’s true what a wise one once said…how the older and older we grow

the more and more we learn…the less and less we know.


I don’t know why there still are wars…why there is famine poverty and strife.

I don’t know why one human…would ever take another human’s life.


I don’t know why we as humans cannot get along.

I don’t know thy the weak among us can’t be cared for by the strong.


I don’t know why there is hate and bigotry…why some people cheat and lie.

I don’t know why innocent children and babies have to die.


Thankfully, however,  


The list of things I don’t know is not limited to the wicked, sad and vile:

I don’t know why a baby’s laugh always makes me smile.


I don’t know how there can be so much beauty in the sky, the sea…the land.

I don’t know why it feels so good to hold another person’s hand.


After watching so many sunrise and sunsets I don’t know how they can still surprise.

I don’t know how tears of joy and sorrow flow from the same well in my eyes.


I don’t know how to explain love…how it can take a broken heart and heal it.

I don’t know where love comes from…I only know it…when I feel it.


I don’t know why I make wishes under the moon or upon a falling star.

I don’t know why we don’t tell each other more often…how beautiful we are.


I don’t know why a life filled with so much joy and happiness 

has it’s share of sorrow and sadness too

Hopefully these are things I might come to know before my time is through.


In the meantime I’ll keep searching for joy wherever in life I go…

In the unexplained

In the undiscovered

In all the things I do not know.

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