In the middle of my walk this morning I paused in the park to breathe the morning air

when I noticed not too far away from me…another old man sitting there.


He was talking to himself while on his face I noticed a grin

so I decided, for a little while, I would listen in.


A rabbit hopped in front of us, “Hello rabbit.” I heard him say.

“You’re the second rabbit I’ve seen already…

today must be my lucky day”.


I saw him look up at the moon, “Hello moon.” I heard him say.

“A full moon in the morning…today must be my lucky day.”


Suddenly a light rain began to fall, “Hello rain.” I heard him say.

“A little rain to cool me off…today must be my lucky day.”


Finally, we heard a bird begin to chirp, “Hello bird.” I heard him say.

“I get to hear the first song of the morning…today must be my lucky day.”


When he got up to leave he smiled at me and left without saying a word

This old man who found inspiration in a rabbit, the moon, a little rain and the singing of a bird.


“Thanks old man.” I whispered as I watched him shuffle on his way.

“I’ve learned a lot from you this morning…today must be my lucky day.”


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