I’ve been blessed with much good fortune in my life

many gifts of which I prize,

but one thing that I have never had

is a healthy pair of eyes…


Oh, I see fine with glasses…with corrected vision as it were,

but once I take them off..my worlds a mass of clouds and blur…


The other day, at Siding Rock I needed my grandchildren as my guide

when I had to take my glasses off if I was going to slide.


So up and down that rock we went…and I enjoyed the blur

even when they got too far ahead of me and I couldn’t tell who they were.


The extent of my misfortune comes to light…in this photo my daughter took

as I stood there with my grandchildren at the side of that fast moving brook.


The photo shows us all waving…and my grandchildren seemed to have no objection

as they waved at their mother taking the picture while I waved in another direction.


Everyone laughed when they saw the photo…as families are wont to do

and I must admit when it was shown to me…I started laughing too…


Even though I didn’t have my glasses on…and I wasn’t sure where their laughter begat…

because to me everyone in the picture was a blur…

and I didn’t know what I was laughing at.


But I’ve never minded having bad eyes…having blurred vision whenever I swam…

It makes for some good family humor and it’s just a part of who I am.


For you see I’ve been lucky to have many gifts in my life

and when, with so much I have been blessed,

it matters not if one of those gifts

Is a little blurrier than the rest.




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