The Mice and The Snake.

Good and Bad / The World/ The mouse and the snake
Two Gods had made a world together but they did not agreed in much and they thought very different. In this world some species followed what the good God said and other followed the bad God, and that was how the world worked. There was the snake family who obeyed the bad God and had to attack other animals and fight all the time; and there was the mice family that followed the good God and were always happy and living in harmony. The problem was that the mice were always scared that one day the snake will eat them. Around the same date the mice and the snake family had a baby. Neither of them knew because even though they lived in the same world they never talk or share. One day the little baby mouse was walking in the forest looking for her house and she realized she was lost. After walking and walking she heard a noise in the bushes and was terrified. Trying to hide in the bushes was a baby snake; he was scared of the mouse too. When the mouse realized that it was just a little snake she asked him “Why are you hiding? You should be trying to eat me. Isn´t that what your God tells you to do?” The snake was not sure what to do but he was sure he did not what to eat the mouse that looked around his age. The snake knew he was not allowed to talk to his prey but he did and exception.
“This is my first hunting day and I don´t want to eat other animals, I don´t know what to do” said the snake a little embarrassed.
“Well I am glad you don´t want to eat me but your God is not going to be happy about this.” said the mouse.
“I know that, that is why I am not telling anyone” said the snake a little angry. “Any way, what are you doing here so far in the forest?”
“I got lost and I don´t remember where my house is” said the mouse.
After talking a little more the snake told the mouse he could take her back to her house and promise he would not tell anyone where she lived as long as she kept his secret. They thought everything was that easy but the Gods found out and called for a meeting in the top of the forest mountain. The bad God was so angry he wanted to kill all mice in the world. After the little mouse and snake explained what had happen in the forest the Gods came to an agreement that all species should be good and bad in a balanced way and this way the world will be a better place.

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