The Martyr Regan Russell and the Fearmans Abbatoir

A Fellow Creature


Fearmans is a Camadian slaughterhouse in Burlington, Ontario near Toronto.
When we hear the name we are reminded of the reason cows, pigs,
and lambs, chickens, turkeys and fishes fear man



Who is the martyr Regan Russell?
Regan Russell, 65, was nonviolently carrying a sign
near a Toronto area Fearmans Pork slaughterhouse which murders 10,000 pigs daily
into pork when she was run over by a slaughterhouse truck driver. For many years
an animal rights activist, she was one of those who risked arrest
in standing outside the trucks giving water through the slats to
the very hot and thirsty pigs who are soon martyrs to human appetites.  Canada like the US has ag gag laws which criminalize
the attempt to show the hideous suffering of abbatoirs.  Had there been such a law in
the early 1900's perhaps the book The Jungle by Upton Sinclair would never have been written.

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Resolder, Venetian Venutian


God's grace did resolder
the warshattered shoulder
of the bravehearted soldier.

God's peace would
the heart of the soldier
as he grew older.

As wardead's bodies
get colder and moulder
and survivors' minds smolder
we will be bolder
to protect from the rich
the innocent soldiers



He was a Venetian
so he was a Venutian
spreading Venus peace
and not a martyr
seeking mars war.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

to all the soldiers
who have been paid
pennies an hour to
bloat the billions
of bullies.. all the
soldiers who have
been given cancer from
Agent Orange, illness
from imposed vaccines,
from malaria in the
Spanish American War,
unanesthetized amputations
in the Civil War etc. etc.

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