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Mark Roemer Looks at The Weirdest eBay Items


eBay is a place where you can find some of the strangest and weirdest things. According to Mark Roemer, you should only buy products from a reputed seller on eBay. A seller must have a positive rating and good customer reviews. Otherwise, you can get scammed or have a bad experience. If you want to purchase something unique, crazy, and weird that can make a good story, eBay will not disappoint you.


The Items

Here are some weird items that are available on eBay:


1. Britney Spears’ gum - On eBay, you can find memorabilia related to your favorite stars. In 2004, one of the strangest things was listed for sale on eBay. It was a piece of chewable gum believed to be chewed by a famous pop star – Britney Spears. This gum was picked off from the pavement outside London’s Sanderson Hotel where the star stayed for a few days. The seller on eBay sold this piece of gum at $335.67.


2. A grilled cheese sandwich which had a face of the Virgin Mary - It is true that selling a sandwich is nothing special but when the sandwich has the face of the Virgin Mary, it is a completely different thing. In 2004, a woman came up with such a sandwich with the face of the Virgin Mary and the sandwich was said to have some magic power. 

This sandwich was preserved for 10 years and after a decade of preserving it, it was sold to the Internet casino for $18,259. After the sale of such a sandwich, it became a sensation and that led to many spin-off items such as T-shirts and burnt toast replicas.


3. Forehead advertising space - A woman from Utah signed up on eBay with the idea of selling advertising space on her forehead. She wanted to help her son for his education and eBay sold the idea to the Internet casino for $6,519. Then the casino used her forehead to advertise their web address.  


4. A haunted rubber duck - Another strange thing that was listed on eBay was a haunted rubber duck. The owner of the rubber duck claimed that it had the power to possess children. However, the seller made it clear that he would not be responsible for the duck after it was sold. eBay sold that item making a profit of $82.33.


5. William Shatner’s kidney stone - William Shatner, a 74 years old man, took part in the auction of eBay with his surgically removed kidney stone. Though William Shatner came up with the kidney stone just after his surgery, he remained fully involved in the sale of his kidney stone in the auction of eBay. However, the man decided to raise some money for charity by selling the kidney stone. Ultimately, the kidney stone was sold for $14,000.


6. The Ghost cane - A woman from Indiana came up with a ghost cane that was apparently haunted. She claimed that her son believed that the ghost of his grandfather didn’t leave their house and resided in the cane. The Ghost Cane was sold at $42,580.



According to Mark Roemer, eBay is a good online marketplace to buy unique and valuable items. However, you should be careful and appraise the value of costly items before bidding on them or purchasing such items.


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Mark Roemer Gives You Tips on How to Live Outside Your Comfort Zone


According to Mark Roemer, almost everybody wants to live in their comfort zone as it is an easier way to live our lives. But the only way to become a better version of yourself is to step out of your comfort zone. So, you should never be afraid to come out of your comfort zone and test your limits to achieve greatness. It may be difficult to step outside of your comfort zone at first but you can do it as long as you trust yourself.


Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips that will help you to live outside your comfort zone:


1. Never take anything for granted - You should never take anything for granted and must educate yourself properly before trying to move outside of your comfort zone. You should never forget that knowledge has great power and when you understand something completely or have all the information about a particular subject, there is no reason to fear anymore or step outside of your imaginary boundaries.


2. Make a proper plan - After you educate yourself about the thing that you don’t feel comfortable doing, you need to create a proper action plan so that you can push the boundaries on what you think is possible. For making a good plan, you must create a step-by-step blueprint listing every detail about how you plan to get out of your comfort zone. Start with the easiest thing to do and then create an appropriate plan to get to the next level.   


3. Hold yourself accountable - You must be accountable to yourself or somebody else if you want to break through your comfort zone. You can tell your friends and family about what you are trying to do since these are the people in your life who can keep you on track. If necessary, they can give you the push that you may require to push the boundaries of your comfort zone.


4. Remain positive - You may sometimes get a negative outcome and that can shake your confidence or make you may feel scared. But you should never allow this negativity to creep into your mind and remember that negativity is a part of life that you can always overcome. Instead of allowing negative thoughts to take over your mind, you should always try to find out how you can do things better and try again until you succeed.


5. Expand your comfort zone - You should always try to expand your comfort zone. That way, you won’t feel like you have actually exceeded your comfort zone. Sometimes, you may arrive at  your goals earlier than expected. But you should never stop there and try to keep pushing your boundaries.



According to Mark Roemer, you should always be on the lookout for new challenges since it would help you to expand your comfort zone and ultimately help you to learn about things that were previously out of your comfort zone. It would also make your life more exciting.

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