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Nightmares for eternity

No life

no future














One eye that sees the sun

One eye that sees nothing


Destined for 



Fall like



Fall into a pit




for eternity


The Punisher (Inside the mind)

I am revenge

I am hate


I am justice

I am the law


No trials

only executions


No forgiveness,

No turning a blind eye


No stays,

No legal butchery


Just a bullet

 in the skull


Blood everywhere;

carnage satisfies me


No protection from

what you deserve


No trials,

no stays


Execution on the spot,


My revenge 




Author's Notes/Comments: 

The only superhero that actually gets the job done. 


Unleashing the flame thrower

on the enemy,


Like rats they try to scurry away

but it is all but too late,


The damage has been done


and with them their jungles will turn to ashes

and there will be no where else to run

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The fire breathing Dragon of the United States Military.

Just Following Orders


Piles and piles of bodies

ready for incineration


The stench is unbearable

but the workers continue on

never the less


They themselves are beginning

to resemble their fallen brethren


With machine guns just a few 

yards away aimed at their heads


Just following orders the german

guards have been ordered to shoot

to kill if the workers fall out of line

from exaustion.


It is of little consequence to them

whats the point

anyways when these people are already dead.


What mein fuhrer says is law

those who defy him meet

the same fate as the jews.


the show must go on.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

From the perspective of Jewish concentration workers and Nazi soldiers.

ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcyLRTB9fRY (Shindler's List)

Exercitus Romanus


you do not know the ways of the Romans


Barbarian, slave,

be sure to stick in your place


Serve your master well

and you will be rewarded


But rebel and you will come to

know a punishment even greater than death


We shall set your fields a blaze,

and in horror you shall watch as we slaughter your children and rape your women


Like lambs their blood will be shed

but in vain it will be spilled on the ground


Your women will weep and they will cry

but on your knees prostrate there will be nothing you can do


This is the cost of insurrection

when you defy an empire that stood unchecked for thousands of years

let others see you as an example and not as martyr


What goes around

must come around 


This is the will of Mars

and the way of war


Romae Summum







Author's Notes/Comments: 

The way of war is pillage and rape.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jmk5frp6-3Q (Gustave Holst- Mars)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwcRXbVC4k8 (Nile- Ramses Bringer of War)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a53s4jyCqqU (Richard Wagnar- Siegried's Funeral March)



The greatest adventure lies beyond
Somewhere in the distance
The vast expanse we call space
Like a whisper 
We are being drawn 
A mysterious world 
Hidden in the stars 
Beyond our reach
Grasping at the deepest parts of imagination
A desire so unrelenting 
Escape is bared as afterthought
Without certainty 
We will venture forth 
Until the day reality fades
Time no longer guides us
And the darkest of fears comes to light
We are lost

Earth's Scars

Welcome to a society of false democracy.
Also artificial justice system everyone falls victim to it.
Like Latasha got killed but the shooter only got parole.
Seems like I'm making up this fictitious world.
No we're on the planet where it happens.
Riots erupted after the police brutality of Rodney King.
This wasn't Martin Luther King's dream.
Beatings of the innocent building burnings.
Wish these wars will stop.
Because we damaging mother earth with the warfare.
More guns this where tax funds go to if we didn't need this crap.
We'll never face economic collapse.
I'm speaking my mind.
Hoping others will think alike or at least agree.
Belligerence is key to destroying mankind.
How many more people have to die before we realize.
As the smoke subsides you see innocent slain on battle lines.
I'm not playing blind my eyes onto the lies.
I don't want to criticize for my selfish joy.
I want to be deployed on a mission of healing the scars on earth.

Do you hear the drums?

Through the cracks

Do you hear the drums?

The never ending drums?

Are they a sign of war,

or one of madness?

A product of what is to come

or of what has come?

To drive us down a path 

of darkness, blinded

by self-rightousness.

An instrument of terror

and of celebration.

They are still there if you listen close

Hold your chest tight and feel

the never ending drum.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Got a little inspired by a tv show to start this one, didn't think it would turn out so well.