How Far is LA?

How far is LA?
How many planets
Or galaxies away?
What a way to waste the silence,
Trying to learn a foreign face
I needed not to reach.
How far is LA?
It deeply troubles me,
Prompting me
In the middle of the day.
That breadth I tried to fill,
As my eyes settle
To the farthest.
It is infinite,
But LA
Is not there.
The vacancy it creates,
Creates another void in me.
If I spread my hands
And my fingers extended,
If I use my mind,
And some pity in others,
Will I get to LA?
I glared at the empty space
And I told myself,
β€œLA is far.”
Somebody is far.
I repeated.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for somebody who might be in LA today. I miss you.

My Love For Him;

 Since words can't quite express, I

need you to imagine a million roses at best.


The blue sea at night lit up by the stars

or the beautiful hum of a few guitars.


A summer breeze gently kissing your face,

the slightest touch soft as lace.


Or deep in the forest where the sun dances off the trees,

shining light below to the animals and bees.


Your arms are my home,

Safe in your embrace.

Content with you in this time and place.


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