How Far is LA?

How far is LA?
How many planets
Or galaxies away?
What a way to waste the silence,
Trying to learn a foreign face
I needed not to reach.
How far is LA?
It deeply troubles me,
Prompting me
In the middle of the day.
That breadth I tried to fill,
As my eyes settle
To the farthest.
It is infinite,
But LA
Is not there.
The vacancy it creates,
Creates another void in me.
If I spread my hands
And my fingers extended,
If I use my mind,
And some pity in others,
Will I get to LA?
I glared at the empty space
And I told myself,
β€œLA is far.”
Somebody is far.
I repeated.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for somebody who might be in LA today. I miss you.