Sometimes I sit and wonder: 

Would our world be on a better path

if in elementary school we paid more attention

to the lessons we learned in math.


I imagine back then we didn’t understand

how those lessons would relate

as we grew a little older…

in terms of love and hate.


Even now I have to wonder:

What is your reaction

when I tell you love and hate comes down 

to simple addition and subtraction?


I draw your attention to those math lessons…

the ones about basic facts…

Love as a plus…adds to the world

Hate, as a minus…subtracts.


And if I may extend a moment

this mathematical vision

When it comes to love and hate we can’t leave out

multiplication…and division.


Hate divides us, it tears us apart…

it makes the world smaller in shape and size

Love brings us together and with our help…

it multiplies.


I wonder if the world shouldn’t go back to school

perhaps that would help us all to see…

until we improve in our basic facts


we are only a fraction of what we can be.

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