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Vengeful God

Avenge not 



But let the wrath of god

be revealed to the worker of iniquity 


He who is above,

sees all


Theres no escaping his



He is the avenger,

the hero that we need 


Our savior,

our truth 


He is not to be mocked

not to be crossed 


Not to taken

for granted 








Author's Notes/Comments: 

19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord

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Gasoline of the Soul

Wasted energy 

on hate and anger


Energy vampires ready

to siphon off the soul like gasoline


They can't fuel their own 



Burn, hot coals 

stoke them in the fire


Cool down,

revive in the sarcophagus 


Rise again,

ready to strike



repent; a temperate mind


Resist the hate,

let god take control of your fate


Waters of life,

drink and be quenched 


There are times for war

and times for peace



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Alone by choice


Harassed by satan

father of lies all day


Anti-social by choice,

don't trust


Hate of snakes burn

like london


Fire, self driven



Darkness don't fear,

jump into pile of needles and don't care


Hate of all evil,

burning suns of eyes


See red every day,

just want the wicked to pay 



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From the grave,

rotted soul escape from the pit 


Live again,

drink the waters


Reverse the decompositon,

escape the sarcophagus


No more cataracts,

eyes can gaze upon the sun


From ancient slumber awaken

to the reality you face


Decode the hieroglyphs,

unravel the mystery of your soul 


Ascend from the darkness,

taste the blood of truth 


Let go of past death,

put on the new clothes









I rebuke you 

and your followers


In the name of Jesus 



i rebuke you witches,


and all other evil ppl


I rebuke all evil things of this 



I reject your money,

I reject your spells,

i reject your bullying,

i reject your lies,

i reject your music,


Begone worms,

Begone snakes,

Begone liars,


Begone in the name

of Jesus Christ



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The Living God

Pyramid of lies;

god sees all


Abominations will

be recorded in the book of sin


Atonement will be required

to enter the gates of heaven


Earth is the bridge of heaven

and hell; where angels and demons mingle,


God's grace extends to all

but many reject his blessing


Hell will be full

of piled up bodies burning


Demons  will mock those

who sided with the devil


Orgies of rape will take place



Everyday will be torture

for eternity


Its hard to get people

see god as real


When they have been fed lies

by a system that hates them


Good people will

be damned for their ignorance


Souls will burn

like coal




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Jesus died

but he lives on today in the spirit. 

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You cannot Possess Me

You cannot possess

a child of god


You cannot invade

the body of christ


Your parasite

is rejected


The holy spirit is

with me


This light will

blind you


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Baptismal healing

Face the horror,

face reality,


Stare into the 



Know your 









Forget the past,

wash away the dirt


Step into the river,

be cleansed in grace


Forgive yourself,

acknowledge your shame


Live your life,

live it best,


Be strong,

be wise,


The power is within you,


Open your mind,

open your eyes,


Open your heart,

The choice is yours




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I don't 

and won't worship

your idol: the baphomet



I won't give in

to your lies



I won't compromise

to your evil ways



I won't stop speaking

the truth about god

and salvation



I won't stop calling

out frauds and liars



I will never accept

any of the things

you try to brow beat me

with on Television



I will never surrender




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