The Living God

Pyramid of lies;

god sees all


Abominations will

be recorded in the book of sin


Atonement will be required

to enter the gates of heaven


Earth is the bridge of heaven

and hell; where angels and demons mingle,


God's grace extends to all

but many reject his blessing


Hell will be full

of piled up bodies burning


Demons  will mock those

who sided with the devil


Orgies of rape will take place



Everyday will be torture

for eternity


Its hard to get people

see god as real


When they have been fed lies

by a system that hates them


Good people will

be damned for their ignorance


Souls will burn

like coal




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Jesus died

but he lives on today in the spirit. 

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What if the human experience

What if the human experience fluctuates b/t a state of heaven & hell? As in, there’s an internal process happening on earth - in life, not after death

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Spirits and souls are real.

Spirits and souls are real. There are good spirits (angels) and bad spirits (demons). Our souls have to go somewhere. Most go to hell. The material is an illusion of the soul. Spiritually we are dead without god. We have no spirit without him. Earth is where the spiritual warfare takes place; humans are caught in the battle between good and evil.