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Pit Bull Saturday

Pit Bull Saturday

what a day

muscular animals

seeking meat

seeking friendship

wearing iron collars

and the people hollar

what a day

muscular animals

with strong jaws

and tender paws

Pit Bull Saturday

the day dogs

have it

their way

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just a short dog poem for the weekend


" A New Day "   


It was a new day, very peaceful, and without those creatures that changed everything around, until they finished with everything. I was sitting on the bank of the river "Cam”, observing everything that had happened at school. The animals began to go outside to get some water and one of them came to wonder at me: 


Doggie: Have you seen my best friend?

Mr. Crocs: Who is your best friend? Is it the old hunting dog?

Doggie: Are there more dogs here?

Mr. Crocs: Sure, this is a very diverse world, but tell me, who is your best friend and why he left you? 


The dog was wondering what had happened to his best friend, where he might have gone.


Mr. Crocs: And why do not you go with your family? For sure they can give you the answer you seek.

Doggie: Family? What is that? I just know that there is friendship, that I have a great friend and I love him. Since childhood I lived with him; I don’t know my family and I know nothing of them.

Mr. Crocs: But tell me, how is your best friend?

Doggie: It's a bit different from me, he has almost no hair, is very polite and fun, he likes to go for walks and run, just like me, but he does everything on 2 legs. 

Mr. Crocs: I know someone who can help you, let me call him: – MONKEYMON, MONKEYMON! - Mr. Crocs began to scream loudly.  


Between the bushes, a small figure, of medium height and coarse features, approaches, the dog gets excited because he thinks that is his best friend but, when he look at him, directly in his eyes, he discovers that he wasn’t, that “Monkey” was just like his best friend.  


Doggie: You look just like my best friend.

Monkey: yes? Who is he? I know everyone in here.

Dog: Maybe he is a relative of you.

Monkey: I have a cousin, whom I admire very much, when I grow up I want to be like him, right now he had to go, but, maybe, it may not take too many days for him to return.

Doggie: Your cousin walks on 2 legs? My best friend is the only one who can do it.

Monkey: yes, my cousin walks on two legs, he’s smart and intelligent; I think both, you and I, speak of the same.  


This is how the dog and the monkey began to know each other; the monkey told the dog that his dream was to be like his cousin, as he came to control everything in the animal kingdom. The dog listened intently and soon realized that his best friend had caused the destruction of the old day and that he could kill the nature and so the crocodile had to intervene. 


Monkey's cousin had to be banished from the animal kingdom, because its presence caused sorrow, pain and destruction, with his departure a new day was reborn. From that moment the monkey and the dog followed the crocodile and promised, faithfully, to never become tyrants, as did the cousin of the monkey. 











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Our Forever Puppy Shyy


A soft cold nose pokes at my hand,

I look down and see big puppy dog eyes,

I blink and they're gone,

We've had you for as long as I can remember,

You were always there to greet us with a puppy smile,

Always there to brighten our day,

It's strange how in the blink of  an eye,

You can be taken from us,

You fought long and hard,

But you couldn't beat it,

Yet neither could we,

You'll be in out hearts forever and a day,

Until we meet again,

And on that day,

You'll run and greet us,

With those puppy eyes,

And doggy smiles....

Our precious puppy Shyy


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to my dog Shyy. I'm Sixteen years old and we've had Shyy since I was five. She died due to cancer. It was really hard on us and I hope you like this poem and helps you if you lost your dog.

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