Pit Bull Saturday

Pit Bull Saturday

what a day

muscular animals

seeking meat

seeking friendship

wearing iron collars

and the people hollar

what a day

muscular animals

with strong jaws

and tender paws

Pit Bull Saturday

the day dogs

have it

their way

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just a short dog poem for the weekend

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Pit Bulls & the owners

Responsible Owners = responsible dogs. You have to put time in training them daily, reinforcing them for good behavior, keeping them on leashes and following the dog ordinance laws. Better yet, have the dog and master in an obedience class together. If there are behavior problems, take them to a trainer / expert. The Pit Bull dog must surrender to the master / alpha role model and never stray from the natural order / pack hierarchy assigned--- or you have problems. I have worked with dogs for 10 years, and it is scary to see the aggression coming from some of these dogs (lunging, growling, fighting through the cages with other dogs). I know a person that got bit by a Pit Bull in their own dog business-- and if the attack kept going, the individual may have not survived; lucky that the attack was stopped. Owning a strong dog such as a Rottweiler, Pit Bull, Bulldog, Mastiff or German Shepherd, is a big responsibility; please keep safe.   

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Pit bulls are very loving and

Pit bulls are very loving and loyal creatures.  They don't deserve the reputation that they have. 

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