Love at First Sight!

Love at First Sight! [Flash Fiction]

Achilles, one of the greatest Greek warriors, is sitting under a banyan tree. He is so upset with Agamemnon, the leader of the Greek fighter. He has decided not to fight because of Agamemnon’s injustice towards him; he has taken the gorgeous Briseis away from Achilles. The thought of losing her is making him crazy! He wants her back!  

Achilles looks at the vast ocean and it looks like the sky to him. He compares the sky with his own mind. As there is dark and gloomy cloud flying, similarly his mind is also covered with darkness, pain, and disappointment. He sees Agamemnon approaching. He asks Achilles,

- Don’t get angry, man. Don’t be upset over a certain silly matter! Come on, let’s fgo and fight against the bloody Trojans.

Getting the sword out of its cover, he says,

- No, I will not fight. Never!

Suddenly, Achilles feels that someone has touched his left shoulder from the backside. He turns back. He is rather surprised seeing a beautiful girl before his eyes! In fact, she is more beautiful than Briseis! By putting the sword aside, he gently asks,

- Who are you?

- You don’t know me but I do know you.

Sensing Achilles’ interest in the girl, Agamemnon bids goodbye. Some unknown birds are singing on the branches of the tree. Now, the Achilles’ gloominess is gone like magic! He gentle breeze feels celestial! The presence of this beautiful girl has changed everything within seconds! Yes, Achilles starts loving her at first sight! However, he has not expressed his feelings for her yet.  

Being extremely enchanted, Achilles asks again,

- What is your name?

- My name is Beautia.

- Where are you from?

- I am from a nearby village called Eonia. My friends have told me so many stories about you, your courage, the way you fight, your invincibility and so on! After listening to all these glorifying tales about you, I have started loving you. When I have heard that you are in Troy fighting against the Trojans, I cannot but meet you because I love you, I really do!

Achilles seems dumbfounded! Hearing her talk in so musical way has increased his love for her more! Her voice and the spoken words are like the singing of the cuckoo! Achilles kisses on her forehead, embraces her and says,

- I love you too!

Holding the hands, both Achilles and Beautia start walking along the sea-beach and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. Sometimes, they look at each other, smile, talk a few words. After walking for a few minutes or so, Achilles stops her, looks straight into her eyes and kisses. He says,

- I will never leave you.


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