Looking for love

Chasing Stars

Just a thought!

She traveled through a world of stars, searching for some truth

Light years took her far away, trading on her youth

A quantum leap through time and space, pulsing through her mind,

Chasing universal maps, to a love she couldn't find

Scheduled stops to fuel the heart, would take her to the edge

But, fields of stone and no fly zones, would always drive a wedge

A plethora of course corections, cut extended flights

Only straight and smooth terrain, could spur her landing lights

Somewhere in the universe, a cosmic future lies... 

One who sees celestial stars, reflecting in your eyes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Chasing Stars"

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Looking for Someone


Iā€™m looking for someone,
someone special.
Someone who will be my lover,
someone who will always be here for me.

I'm looking for someone,
who will make me feel special.
Someone who will love me
for all of eternity,
and not tire of me.

I'm looking for someone,
to be my love.
Preferably someone
who I can tell,
deep down inside my heart,
is my true love.

I'm looking for someone,
and I think I might have found them.
It's not a guy,
as I had started out looking for.
But a gal,
who has stolen my heart!

I'm looking for someone,
and I know now,
that I have found her,
as she has found me.

I was looking for someone,
but am not any more.
I found my special someone,
and my true love.

I found my special someone,
and am so much happier, now.
I don't know how it is
that I was able to live without her before.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It started out just as a poem to talk about how I'm looking for someone, and then I started to think and I realised that I have found my someone special. So then the poem changed direction and went in that direction.

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