Nighly skies tell no lies

from day to night,

in this bed i lay, im prey to this awful day,

i'm starting to decay,

im not okay, no more delays,

I'm hurting, i keep reverting,

i hate your flirting.

I'm restless, i feel helpless,

i don't need a home, im better off alone. 


my eyes are gold, i'm so cold,

i fled, everything's red,

my head, filled with dread.

i should've behaved, now im depraved. 

i can't be sane, everything's in vain, 

caught in insanity, im stripped off humanity,

im alone in insanity.


Close my eyes, im afraid of seeing the lies and cries,

i try so hard to react, i attract and interact,

this is all an act, i won't be cracked,

this exact act is why im so abstract.

They smile and laugh, they play and betray,

and pray for a better way,

such a cliche, we're all led astray,

im drifying away from this gray endplay.


eight years, drenched in tears,

you fill my head with dread,

making me see red, you isolate me,

you've shown me hell, i can't escape this cell,

i see it on your grin,

never have i seen something so grim,

you whisper in my ear, hoping i'd disappear.

you're the aftermath of a bloodbath, a sociopath.


bleed me out, hear me shout,

don't burnout,'cause i'm about to blackout,

once a kid, my heart i hid,

then a boy, twice i ran-i'm not a man,

thrice i lied, my pride has died, i paid the price,

i'll never enter paradise.