I do not know why as time goes by… the older that I grow

I keep adding more and more to the list of things I do not know.


I do not know why the weakest of us are not cared for by the strong

I do not know if we are all one…why we all can’t get along


I do not know why there are wars…why there is poverty famine and strife

I do not know why one person would ever take another person’s life.


I do not know why there is hate and bigotry…why some people cheat and lie

I do not know why little children and babies have to die.


But the list of what I do not know is not limited to the wicked, the sad and vile 

I do not know why a baby’s laughter always makes me smile.


I do not know why in the evening the sun will set and in the morning it will rise

I do not know why tears of joy and sorrow flow from the same spot in our eyes


I do not know why there is so much beauty in the sky, the sea…the land

I do not know why it feels so good to hold another person’s hand.


I do not know how to explain love…what causes the heart to free it

I do not know where it comes from…but I know it when I see it.


I do not know why we make wishes on the moon or upon a falling star…

I do not know what makes you beautiful…I only know you are.


Hopefully one day I’ll understand before my time is through…

why a life that’s filled with so much joy…has it’s share of sadness too


In the meantime I will search for the joy

as I adventure to…and fro…

in the unexplained 

In the undiscovered


in all the things I do not know.

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Mark Twain famously said long ago…words that, today, still apply…

He said, ‘The two most important days in your life 

are the day you’re born

and the day you find out why.’


I’ve been told it was a cold day in December…sometime in the early morn…

but I have no personal recollection…of the day when I was born….


But I do remember the town where I grew up…because it’s influence never ends…

and many of the people I grew up with…I still proudly call my friends.


And I remember the day I became a teacher…

Standing in my first classroom filled with apprehension…filled with fears…

and I remember many of the students…I taught in those 39 years…


And I remember the day I became a father…how proud I was…how glad…

And I remember the day Bryan first smiled at me…

and I transformed from a father into a Dad.


And I remember the daughter who followed…I remember life beginning to swirl…

for I was just getting used to raising a son…and now I’d be raising a girl…


And I remember the day I married Deborah…and how when that day was done..

what started out as two separate families…we found a way to blend into one.


And I remember the birth of my grandchildren…

1 amazing girl and 3 wonderful boys….

And how, when I hear them call me PopPop,

my heart still fills with joy….


It’s true I can’t remember that cold day in December…

when I arrived sometime in the early morn…

but how blessed am I to have discovered


so many reasons why I was born.